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Issues for District 6

Issues for District 6

homelessness, Mental Health, Addiction

Who isn’t moved by the sight of homeless tents on our sidewalks, greenways, and underpasses?  Allowing these conditions and this behavior to continue is inhumane and does a disservice to the entire community, homeless and non-homeless alike.  Homelessness, mental health, and addition are very much related and frequently intertwined.

I envision a dramatic reduction of homelessness. Can you? Every person found out in the open and exposed to the dangers of the streets must be properly cared for.  Restoring the homeless, mentally ill, and substance abusers to dignity is a team effort. That means accepting the city’s help in getting off the streets and on the road to permanent housing, and recovery, and dignified employment.  I propose expanding the Navigation Teams so that they are staffed by professionals who can address, on the spot, the various unique mental health, addiction, and housing needs of each individual.  I propose a triage center where the homeless can be housed in safety and community and where they can start down the road to recovery and dignified employment.  The criminal element among them must also be properly handled as necessary by incarceration as each situation requires.

We CAN help those who are currently homeless pick themselves up and restore them to dignity. The must be active partners in the process to regain dignified housing, dignified work, and recovery from substance abuse as each individual’s circumstances require. I will insist on accountability for non-profits that contract with the city to provide these services.


No more road diets. Everyone share the streets. Replace Magnolia Bridge. No congestion pricing. Leary Way for the Missing Link.

Our roads were built to move us from here to there, freely, without government permission for our choices of destination and timeline.  We've already paid for them and for our highway mobility.  That's the purpose of the annual registration fees (road worthiness), gas/charge tax (general access), and temporary bridge tolls (location-specific access).

As your representative the city council, I will safeguard your freedom to roam about unchecked by government monitoring.  I oppose the proposed congestion pricing for driving downtown.  We can reduce congestion by increasing bus routes and frequency, managing municipal employee commuting, and incentivizing the reduction of use of city-owned vehicles.

We all want to get home to our families, get to work, and get around town in a reasonable amount of time.  I, too, am frustrated by congestion.  The right way to reduce that congestion is by increasing bus service and encouraging its use.  I propose that all municipal employees work from home most days and carpool or take transit only when in-person presence is required.  I will work with SDOT to update traffic light sequences to improve flow.  We can all share the streets.  I support bike lanes where they are built on surfaces share with cars and buses.  I support completing the Burke-Gilman trail missing link along Leary Way and I will fight to fully replace the Magnolia Bridge with appropriate modern improvements.  I also propose allowing private contractors to fill potholes when the city can’t act within a specified period of time.

Public Safety

Our police officers and other first responders work hard for us.  They are understaffed and overworked and that’s a shame.  I will ensure that the hiring incentive program for new hires is continued to reduce response times especially in high crime areas.  I Back the Blue and will fight to replace the North Precinct with the original plan for a modern, functional facility.

business & commerce

Seattle is booming. Now is the time to prepare for the inevitable rainy day. At the same time, we need to streamline business and employment rules to ensure that commerce stays strong. I propose that a direct link to our municipal budget is available from the city’s website homepage.